How to download?       

Input your card, and then click "NEXT"
  • Wait a few minutes to automatically generate a private version. 
  • Then Click to download your private version.
How to use?

Close the firewall and all anti-virus software.
Run as administrator
  • Input your Card, then click "SIGN IN"
  • VALIDITY CHECK =  Check your card status and remaining time
  • Put SF in the right place and adjust the appropriate window size.
  • Enter the game, adjust the game window mode.
The firewall and all anti-virus software must be turned off.
SF must be running as Administrator

One display:
The game sets the game window mode. The resolution of 1440 * 960 is recommended. The SF free drag window size is placed on the right.
Note: the game window and the SF window cannot be overlapped, otherwise they may be banned. (currently the game has screenshot detection.)

Special error reporting instructions:
1: Enter the game prompt: "normal connection closure".
Solution: please confirm that your account has created a game character.
2: After entering the game, the program interface does not show the link to the hall
terms of settlement:
(1) First download:, then on the UU settings page, click repair LSP.
(2) Download etc.rar file and extract it, then replace all files in the local directory c:\winnt\system32\drivers\etc (
(3) Win10 resets the network. First, go to the windows 10 settings page, and then click "network and Internet". In the status window of network settings, pull down to the end, you can see the option of network reset. Click directly to enter the reset page, and then reset the network.

In case of any strange problems during use, please delete all files, restart the computer, regenerate the version, and download the second or third version.
Multi monitor is recommended (best and easiest experience.) 
The interface of both monitors must be connected to the video card slot or the frame will drop. After the connection is completed, it is recommended to use a video card above 960 (the display with a refresh rate of 75 or above is used as the main screen) 

Mobile / iPad / split screen tutorial
1: Please download and install "xdisplay" for computers and mobile phones.(
2: Connect a data cable to your computer and mobile phone.
3: After the split screen is completed, please drag SF window to the right to the mobile screen.